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We are a body of believers standing on the timeless truths of Scripture, who provide hope through a cultivated relationship with Jesus Christ.
We invite you to exalt, explore and experience enrichment with us.

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God’s Word changes lives and is at the center of every service.

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At the core of our identity is a yearning to worship God the Father through Jesus Christ the Son. Jesus is our bridge and our access to the Father. He paid the penalty of our sin fully when he died on the cross and rose again from the dead on the third day. Though He had no sin, He willingly died as a sinner so that, through faith in Him, we could have eternal life and enjoy a relationship with the holy God of heaven, both now and forever. This is why we exalt Christ.




Though we enjoy many activities, discovering all that God has revealed about the world, people, and Himself from the Bible formulates the hallmark of our approach to Christian growth. We treasure Scripture and corporately invest the most time learning it because God gave us His Word and He has perfectly preserved it for us to draw from each day. To explore Truth is to deepen our dependence on the Author of it.



God has assigned every believer the duty of taking His salvation plan to all people. Known as the ‘Gospel,’ or ‘good news,’ God’s plan involves first submitting to His love, then growing in that love, and finally sharing His love with others. A believer finds His maximum joy, energy, and purpose fulfilling this task. When the Great Commission is fulfilled, lives are enriched.


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